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Coming Back To The Salon... 8 Things We Are Implementing

As I sit here canceling and rescheduling appointments, I have been trying to figure out how to connect with you. I have decided to do what I always do, give you all the information and education that I can.

Learning Experience

I went into the salon the other day, along with some of my fellow staff members, so we could experience what it is like to get our hair done wearing a mask. I wanted to know first hand what my clients' experience would feel like. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be! It was a little uncomfortable and I was self-conscious at first. But as my "appointment" continued we fell into the familiar groove and I didn't even notice the mask anymore.

WOW.... did it feel really good to get a service and be back in the environment that I LOVE again, even if it was only for a trial run. I can't wait until you guys are allowed back!

However, to do hair with a mask on was a bit tougher. I wear glasses, so they steam up periodically because as we all know I can talk a blue streak. It may be uncomfortable but it is not impossible! There are just somethings we will have to do now to keep everyone safe.

I have been reading articles from Georgia and other states that have gone back to work to get all the information I can before it becomes real life. Some of the information is scary but mostly informative and hopeful.

We will get our groove back and a sense of normalcy will return.

Here is something Sharon Tranter from Georgias said that gave me hope...

Still, amid the anxiety and fear, Tranter said she has been able to find some joy in going back to work and hopes others can find some of that, too "When they are coming in, you’re like, 'Hey, look at me! I look like a riot police,' and, 'Oh my god, it's mental isn't it?'" she said. "If you can remain upbeat and positive and try and create this really fun, silly just a happy environment, it goes a long way." It was scary at first to be back, but once she shifted her mindset Tranter was laughing again. "We just giggled through our masks," she said. "At least we were giggling again." BuzzFeed Article

8 Things Lawrence Roth is implementing for our reopening

  1. Clients are to check-in via phone and remain in their car until they are sent a message that their stylist is ready for them and it is safe to come in.

  2. Clients must provide their own masks/gloves

  3. Coffee and water will be unavailable

  4. Candy will be removed

  5. Magazines will be removed

  6. Clients only during appointment time, please no friends or family

  7. No walk-ins

  8. But don't worry! Confirmation emails and texts will include instructions


  • Each station will have it's own cleaning supplies and be cleaned between each guest.

  • Shampoo and dryer chairs will be sat every other seat and cleaned between each guest.

  • Each station will have safety guidelines and tips posted

  • All our tools will be cleaned between each guest.

  • There will be a 15 minute waiting period so the sanitizers can be used effectively and properly.

Virtual Consultations and Booking Appointments

They're finally ready! I will be requiring Virtual Consultations so that I can establish what services you will need to have done, costs involved and any concerns you may have with returning to the salon. This is so that I can provide the best and safest experience possible for you.

We will be reopening our online booking after we get settled into our new schedules and protocols.

I will be handling booking my clients as much as possible. Talking with you one on one, as I always have, will make things run more smoothly. There are elements to how things will operate that the front desk staff may not know for each stylist. Once we find our groove we will resume using the front desk staff.

I sincerely appreciate how long everyone has been patiently waiting to come back, but I want to remind you it will take some time to fit everyone in when we open back up, or in case of another push back.

One Solution While You Wait

I have become part of the Colorist Cooperative at Madison Reed, they are a great company with a quality product. In an effort, to help you to feel better until you are able to come in and enjoy being pampered, I am offering my link to Madison Reed so that you can order online. I'm hoping this makes the waiting period a little easier.

You might be thinking, Well how am I going to know what my color is? They have a great questionnaire to fill out so that you can pick your best shade. If you are unsure of how to answer any of the questions I can help you out through text (can be found in Contact Me) or you can use their chat feature.

By allowing us to be a part of the Colorist Cooperative they are trying to help stylists take care of the clients we are missing SO MUCH.

Being able to provide our clients with a confident solution during this time allows me to take a deep breath...and brings you some peace of mind.

I know it isn't the same as coming in, chatting, and getting pampered but for now, at least, you won't have to stare at those greys or dark roots.

Now more than ever our patience is being tested. I know we will come out on the other side of all this, stronger and hopefully closer as humans. To help that along, I will do my part by staying informed and on top of the information coming out.

Check back often for updates of when Lawrence Roth Salon will be opening at

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