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Our New Normal

A big thing happened in my life since December. My family welcomed a sweet 7 year old little girl, to say that it was challenging to transition from a 20 something daughter to the addition of "my little one" would be putting it lightly. Getting started, somethings were harder than I thought and somethings were super easy. The experience as a whole has taught us to savor each day. We were finally finding our groove and then this crazy pandemic hit.

The quarantine is going way smoother than I thought it would…

My daughter, who is in her senior year at Penn State has moved back home and is finishing her year online. My husband is now working from home, while I am a Chef, Website designer and a school teacher (so much respect!!!)…lol.

At my husband's urging we have daily adult family meetings (of course he was right about that…SHHHH don't tell him I said that) as well as bi-weekly meetings with the little one. At first it was to quell our fears, then it turned into creating a routine, now it keeps us all on track and tensions in check. The quarantine has turned out to be a wonderful way for us to bond as a family. We are learning about each other on a deeper level than we would ever have been able to with real life getting in the way.

Even though we spend every day together Brent and I feel disconnected.

We have realized we need to incorporate

"alone time"

such as walks for just the two of us a few times a week.

Though there are many that would argue otherwise, hairstylists are NOT considered essential personnel. 😂That being said, every salon in our area is closed until further notice...and I miss everyone at Lawrence Roth Salon so much.

My heart goes out to the essential workers that still have to go out and do their jobs (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!) ,to all the people wanting and needing to get their hair done just so they feel as sense of normalcy, to the people that live alone with no body to get annoyed with...😉, the list could go on and on.

When this is all over I am going to be quite busy trying to fit everyone in that needs their essential appointment. It got me thinking, how can I help with the transition? I can create a safe place for my clients as well as my co workers, and incorporate some new services to make things run smoothly.

During this time off I have been working on my personal website ! Which had me thinking long and hard about how I want my social media to look and what I want it to say.

I know I want and need more feedback so I can make a difference.

So, I am turning to you, my trusted village of friends, family, coworkers and clients! As you all know, education is very important to me in all areas, but I have focused on the new normal of society. I will continually be building my business because I feel it is my job to make sure each and every guest that sits in my chair has: a great experience, learns something new, and feels cared for, listened to as well as helped.

Now my goal is to help you navigate the new normal !!

I am need your help!… I am looking for some honest feedback about my new self branded website.

At the same time I would like to update my client information so I can keep you better informed, and send you some fun tips and tricks!

Finally, he thing I am most excited about, is Virtual Consultations!

(more on this in the coming weeks)

I have been thinking about this for over a year and until now couldn't figure out the best way to do it. So many times a client doesn't have the time to come in for a consultation and it inhibits my ability to give them the best experience when they are in my chair. The consultation part of the service is. a. game changer. It can make or break the appointment for the guest and the stylist. There are so many key details that go into creating the perfect guest experience and fabulous outcome. I will be beta testing it over the next few weeks to work out the bugs.

The closing of essential businesses and being safe in our homes is something new and undiscovered for all of us. My family has been able to establish a routine, become closer to each other and find little ways to better ourselves. My way? My website. I am sooo looking forward to sharing things with you and seeing where this "new normal" takes us.

I will announce updates on my social media so keep an eye out!!!

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