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   Growing up with hairstylists in the family … you could say it is in my genes… lol.

Hair has always come very naturally to me. My career has allowed me to have a wonderfully wealthy life full of fun, laughter, and creativity.

I am driven to answer the “why’s” in life. 

  I became a hairstylist to help people feel beautiful and fall in love with what they look like every day. Over the years my craft has evolved from not only what is on the outside

but the inside as well. 

   I am married to a wonderful man, I have a beautiful daughter and fur babies, and fur grand kitties. In my free time I practice meditation, yoga, long walks with friends … and possibly some cocktails too!

   I started doing hair in 1987 and I have evolved with the industry over the years. I’m a bit eclectic and don’t mind being the "weird one", I believe it helps me to keep my mind open and fresh as styles, methods, and culture change. 

    Over 10 years ago I discovered Curly hair cutting and began specializing in it. I fell in love with this new way of thinking about hair in general. I became certified and soon learned I could apply the ideas and techniques to all my clients.  So my passion for healthy hair and solutions to your problems and struggles was born. 

I love doing color, the world is not black and white so let's stir things up!!! 

Whether you are looking for  a touch-up or transition to a new look

or need a TRANSFORMATION from your own handiwork.



     I owned a salon for 15 years, I decided a couple of years ago it was time to step away and focus on my education and my clients. I take all the classes I can get my hands on to help create a relaxed and trusting experience for my guests.

  My goal is not only to do your hair but teach you to do it as well using everything this life has to offer.

  I would love for you to book a consultation today so I can help you look and feel great! 

I look forward to meeting you !!

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