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Consultations are performed prior to your service appointment. They can be done face-to-face in the salon or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime.

Consultations for a Curly/Deva Cut at L Roth are a very important part of the process. It consists of a one-on-one conversation between the stylist and yourself that aid in assessing your hair and scalp needs, and overall style and health goals and desires for your hair.


  •  All new clients fill out our  New Guest Form, We then book your consultation ( if needed) followed by your appointment. 

  • The length of your curly cut appointment will depend on whether you’re a newbie, or if you’ve had a Curly/  Deva Cut before.

  • As a new client, plan on being at the salon for 1.5 to 2 hours for your service. This includes the actual cut, the Transformation Service,  a styling coaching session, and drying time. Treatment add-ons are always available. 

  • If you’re a returning client, it’ll take 60 to 75 minutes for your Curly/ Deva Cut, Transformation Service, and the drying process.

The conversation is the key to connecting with your stylist and learning how to love your curls. With some prep, you’ll get exactly what you want out of your appointment. 


Inspiration Pictures

If you have inspirational pictures to share with me, bring them along.  Inspiration pictures can help ensure that we share a similar vision for your end result.  They can also help rule out styles not suited to your hair type and/or texture.  Please be advised, that you should be realistic in finding styles that suit your hair.  Look for styles similar to yours in texture, curl pattern, shape, and length goals.




Prepping for your Curly/ Deva Cut

Whether you’re a new or established client, prior to your appointment,  you will need to properly prep your hair for the service.  The Curly/ Deva Cut is a dry haircut, so proper prepping is crucial, this way, I can give you the best possible Curly/ Deva cut and experience.

  1. **Freshly detangle & style your curls, especially if your hair tangles easily.​​ 

  • If your curls translate well on the second or third day after styling, that's fine, as long as they are not tangled or frizzy.

  •  *Clients that require excessive detangling during the deva transformation service, are subject to a charge of $30 for 30 minutes spent detangling.

   2. When you arrive, your hair must be completely dry and naturally curly.


   3. Wear your hair down (not pulled back in a ponytail holder, clip, etc.).


   4. When styling your hair for the service, feel free to use a small amount of products such as creams, gels, mousses,   

    no sulfate shampoos, which help your curls to look their best (However, no hair spray!)


    5. Plan to be with me for up to 1.5 to 2 hrs if you are a new client. 60-75 min for a returning client.

  • The first half of the appointment will include a short consultation and Deva Cut. (Full consultation is held separately for new clients)

  • The second half of the appointment will be spent teaching you the Curly Girl Curl method, using products selected specifically for your hair type and curl pattern.

  • Lastly, your hair will be slowly dried using a hooded dryer or diffuser.


 **SMALL PRINT** Failure to follow these guidelines may cause a detangling charge or your appointment to be canceled. There are no exceptions.

Please trust the process…

If you have questions, please contact the salon or me prior to your appointment.

Lawrence Roth Salon 610-740-0190 

Gretchen Hugo Hairstylist 484-602-5331 

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Ways to make the most of your consultation:

You may have mental notes about everything you want to go over with your stylist, but once you plop down in the chair, it’s easy to forget your talking points.

To prevent brain fog:

  • Write down your most pressing concerns and aspirations.

  • What do you want to know about product application?

  • What’s your biggest complaint about your hair?

  • Are you struggling with moisture or a particular part of your regimen?

Confident Woman
man with curls


are you ready to begin your Curly Girl journey ??

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