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new guest form &CONSULTATIONS

Consultations are conducted prior to your service appointment, either in-person at the salon or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime. These discussions are crucial for establishing a connection with your stylist and understanding how to enhance your curls. Adequate preparation ensures that your appointment fulfills your desires.

The Curly Cut New Guest Form holds significant importance. It involves a personalized conversation aimed at evaluating your hair and scalp requirements, style preferences, and hair health goals. This form is vital in scheduling an appropriate time slot for your appointment.

All new clients are required to complete the New Guest Form. Subsequently, we arrange a consultation if necessary, followed by appointment scheduling. The duration of your curly cut appointment hinges on whether you are new to our services or have had a Curly Cut before.

For new clients, allocate around 2 hours for your salon visit. This encompasses the actual cut, the Transformation Service, styling coaching, and the drying period. Additional treatments can be included upon request.

Returning clients can expect a 75-minute duration for the CurlyCut, Transformation Service, and drying.

Inspiration Pictures

If you have inspirational pictures to share with me, bring them along.  Inspiration pictures can help ensure that we share a similar vision for your end result.  They can also help rule out styles not suited to your hair type and/or texture.  Please be advised, that you should be realistic in finding styles that suit your hair.  Look for styles similar to yours in texture, curl pattern, shape, and length goals.

Confident Woman

Ways to make the most of your consultation:

You may have mental notes about everything you want to go over with your stylist, but once you plop down in the chair, it’s easy to forget your talking points.

To prevent brain fog:

  • Write down your most pressing concerns and aspirations.

  • What do you want to know about product application?

  • What’s your biggest complaint about your hair?

  • Are you struggling with moisture or a particular part of your regimen?

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Prepping for your Curly Cut

Whether you're a new or established client, proper hair preparation is essential before your appointment. The Curly Cut is a dry haircut, so prepping your hair correctly is vital to ensure the best possible outcome and experience.


Here's how to prepare your hair:


1. **Detangle and Style:** Ensure your curls are freshly detangled and styled, particularly if your hair is prone to tangling. If your curls still look good on the second or third day after styling, that's okay, as long as they aren't tangled or frizzy.

**Please note that clients needing excessive detangling during the transformation service may incur a charge of $30 for 30 minutes of detangling.


2. **Arrival:** When you arrive, your hair should be completely dry and in its natural state, with minimal product. 


3. **Hair Down:** Wear your hair down; avoid pulling it back in a ponytail holder or clip.


4. **Styling Products:** Feel free to use a small amount of products such as creams, gels, mousses, and sulfate-free shampoos. These products enhance your curls' appearance (except for hair spray).


5. **Time Allocation:** Plan to spend up to 2 hours with me if you're a new client and 75 minutes if you're a returning client. The first part of the appointment involves a short consultation and cut (full consultation for new clients). The second part will focus on teaching you Curly Styling techniques using products selected for your hair type and curl pattern. Finally, your hair will be gently dried using a Halo and diffuser.


**SMALL PRINT:** It's crucial to adhere to these guidelines to avoid detangling charges or potential appointment cancellations. Trust the process for the best results. Your satisfaction is our priority.

If you have questions,  text me before your appointment.

Gretchen Hugo Hairstylist 484-602-5331 


are you ready to begin your Curly Girl journey ??

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