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Solving all the Worlds Problem.. 13 things to think about before you meet with your hairstylist

So here it goes…. writing my first hair-related blog post…

My posts will always lead back to hair in some way since that is how I spend the majority of my time. There are so many amazing conversations that happen in the salon and in my chair. I call it solving all the worlds problems…LOL, But it is really trying to solve one person’s hair problem, one visit at a time.

As I have chatted with people for over 30 years, the patterns we all fall into have become evident over several visits. The conversations may start out as a hair-styling issue, needing a new look, volume for fine hair, wrangling in curly hair or a host of other concerns. Soon, however, they turn into a story of the person’s relationship with their crowning glory and why they either love it or hate it.

I find that problems seem to follow a particular vein. So, for example, let’s say you want beautiful bouncy hair but you are too impatient to do the steps: dry your hair all the way, curl your whole head, or use a diffuser these steps do not magically happen. Sometimes, we just need to take a closer look at what is getting in our way.

Once we observe and work on an underlying problem then we can be super happy with our results. And sometimes, it leads to other insights that help us in the rest of our lives.

All this wisdom generally comes from one place… the consultation.

Consultations come in many forms such as meeting a hairstylist at a party and asking him/her about a problem you are having, popping into your local salon to ask some questions, or booking an appointment to name a few. Many salons offer free consultations so you can have that one-on-one time with a possible new stylist without the commitment of the actual service. These sessions typically last about 15-30 min after which you can book a time for a full appointment that works best for you. This route is essential if you are considering a huge change.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to a new stylist or the same beloved person you have been seeing for years, consultations are the most crucial part of the process.

Here are some things to think about before you meet with your stylist.

Are you looking for

New cut

A new color

You love your hair and it just needs some maintenance


How to style your hair

Help with your type and texture of hair

Types of products to use

Healing hair from heat damage

How to prepare for the visit

Decide on your budget

Wear your hair down and in the style, you wear the most

Have pictures of your hair on a good day, and a bad day

Have wish list pictures – very helpful!!

Bring along products you may be having trouble using

So we may not end up solving ALL the world’s problems, but with a great consultation, we will be well on our way to solving your hair problems. We all know a good hair day can make all your problems go away (even if it is only for a little while). A well thought out plan for what we want can help you have more good hair days more often.

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